25/08/2021 Cahoots (Soho,London UK) with Gypsy Dynamite
26/08/2021 Oriole (Farringdon,London UK)  with Gypsy Dynamite
27/08/2021 Ditto (Surrey,UK) with Bourbon & Blues
28/08/2021 Twinwood Festival (Bedford,UK) with Gypsy Dynamite 
29/08/2021 Twinwood Festival (Bedford,UK) with Gypsy Dynamite 
30/08/2021 Rye Jazz Festival (Hampshire,UK) Giulio Romano Solo Guitar Show
01/09/2021 Mulberry House (Essex,UK) with Gypsy Dynamite
02/09/2021 St.Pancras Renaissance Hotel (London,UK) Giulio Romano Guitar Solo
05/09/2021 Jam In A Jar (London,UK) with Gypsy Dynamite
15/09/2021 TAM (London,UK) with Gypsy Dynamite
17/09/2021 Cafe Boheme (London,UK) with Trio Manouche
17/09/2021 Ditto (Surrey,UK) with Bourbon & Blues
19/09/2021 Fugitive Motel (London,UK) with Flo Collective 
21/092021 The Ned (London,UK) with Trio Manouche
22/09/2021 Bardo St James Houseband (London,UK)
23/09/2021 Bardo St James Houseband (London,UK)
24/09/2021 Bardo St James Houseband (London,UK)
25/09/2021 Bardo St James Houseband (London,UK)
29/09/2021 Private Event
01/10/2021 Cafe Boheme (London,UK) with Trio Manouche
02/10/2021 Private Event
03/10/2021 Private Event
07/10/2021 Old Bengal Bar (London,UK) with trio Manouche
08/10/2021 Ditto (Surrey,UK) with Bourbon & Blues
09/10/2021 Bardo `St James (London,UK) with Bardo Houseband
13/10/2021 Private Event
14/10/2021 606 Club (London,UK) with Francesca Confortini Quartet
15/10/2021 TBC
16/10/2021 Private Event
17/10/2021 Fugitive Motel (London,UK) with Flo Collective
23/10/2021 Toulouse Lautrec (London,UK) Giulio Romano Malaisi Official Album Launch 
29/10/2021 Ditto (Surrey,UK) with Bourbon & Blues 
06/11/2021 Green Note (London,UK) with Trio Manouche
14/11/2021 Green Note (London,UK) with Gypsy Dynamite
18/11/2021 EFG London Jazz Festival - Boston Rooms (London,UK) with Trio Manouche